Orlando Pool Pump & Plumbing Repair

Pump Repair & Maintenance

  • PVC Pipes
  • High-Pressure Fittings
  • Gasket Replacement
  • O-Ring Replacement

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    Local Pool Pump Experts

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    Pool Pump Repair Services

    As Central Florida’s best pool pump repair service providers, we make sure that your pump operates the correct way. Our team of experts has extensive experience in traditional pumps, variable-speed pumps, and their respective motors. On our visit, we will replace all seals, gaskets, and O-rings connected to the motor. If a full replacement is needed, we will ensure that we change the pump for one with the same horsepower, speed, voltage, and frame as the original motor. Keep in mind that more power is not always ideal, as too much could cause damage to the pipes.

    Responsible for improving water circulation and ensuring the even distribution of chemicals, a pump is considered to be the heart of your pool. Balanced water chemistry is crucial in maintaining a healthy and clean pool, and a properly working pump is of the essence in completing this step. For this reason, a malfunctioning pump can prevent chemicals from reaching all of your pool’s area and therefore encourage bacteria growth. Your pool pump is also responsible for driving the water to and from the chlorinator, filter, heater, ensuring a clean and comfortable pool experience.

    Orlando Pool Plumbing Repair

    Over time and through consistent use of your pool, it is possible for the plumbing to malfunction or break down altogether. Some of the signs that your plumbing system may need repairs could include abnormal filter pressure changes, air in the circulatory system, and clogs due to debris and dirt build-up, among others. Similar to the pump symbolizing your pool’s heart, the plumbing is like the arteries and veins of your pool. The pipes and fittings are responsible for carrying the filtered and unfiltered water throughout the system. Our job is to ensure that your plumbing is operating properly.

    Our licensed and certified team is equipped with the right tools, including high-pressure fittings and PVC pipes, to perform longer-lasting repairs that save you money and extend the life of your pool. During our visit, we can inspect your equipment and check for leaks through our Orlando pool leak detection and repair service. Additionally, we also offer a variety of services that can benefit the overall health of your pool, including our Orlando pool cleaning and maintenance service and Orlando pool electric heater inspection and repair. Please contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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