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    Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair

    Pool USA specializes in Orlando pool leak detection and repairs for residential and commercial swimming pools of all sizes. Common causes of pool leaks include damaged lining or pool shells, worn or broken seals around fittings, skimmers, or light fixtures, and leaks in the plumbing system. Ground movement can also cause structural cracks, leading to leaks. Regular maintenance and inspections can help detect and fix leaks before they get worse and more expensive.

    There are several signs of a leaking pool that you should always be on the lookout for. These include significant drops in water levels that can’t be explained, increased water bills, wet spots around the pool that never dry, and cracks in your pool deck or shell. Another clear indicator is if you frequently need to add more chemicals than usual, as a leak dilutes the pool’s chemical balance.

    Pool Leak Repair Services in Orlando, FL

    Most people put off Orlando pool leak repairs due to scheduling or financial reasons. However, early pool leak detection actually helps prevent costly repairs and water waste in the long run. Prompt leak detection and repairs also help protect your swimming pool structure, maintain high performance, prevent soil erosion, and ensure the safety of swimmers.

    Hiring a licensed pool leak contractor helps ensure that you receive reliable and professional service. Our experts have the skills, tools, and knowledge to accurately identify and fix leaks to prevent further damage to your swimming pool or spa. Licensing also makes sure we adhere to industry standards and regulations to provide you with better results and peace of mind.

    orlando pool leak detection, orlando pool leak repair, pool leak repairs

    How to Check for a Pool Leak

    There are several DIY methods to find out if your swimming pool is leaking. With some patience and a few household items, you can perform some tests to confirm whether or not you need leak repair services. While these tests are useful for determining if a leak exists, they do not confirm exactly where the leak is. If you have confirmed that your pool is leaking, contact Pool USA for a professional inspection where we can identify the source of the leak and get it fixed fast.

    The Bucket Test

    The bucket test is an easy method to check for pool leaks. Fill a bucket about two-thirds with pool water and mark the water level. Set the bucket on a pool step, ensuring it’s submerged to at least the same level as the pool’s water. Mark the water level on the outside of the bucket. After 24 hours, if the pool water level has dropped more than the bucket’s water level, this suggests a potential leak in the pool.

    The Dye Test

    The dye test is a common method used to identify the exact location of a pool leak. To conduct the test, first shut off the pool’s pump to still the water. Then, slowly release a small amount of pool-safe dye close to where you suspect a leak. If there’s a leak, the dye will be drawn towards it, giving a visual indication of the leak’s location. This test is particularly useful for detecting leaks in pool walls or around fixtures.

    Check for Physical Signs of a Leak

    Watch for a significant and unexplained drop in your pool water levels. Examine the pool’s shell and deck for cracks or gaps that could allow water to escape. Check for soggy spots, wet areas that don’t dry, or lush patches of grass near the pool area as these can indicate underground leaks. Needing to add more water or chemicals than usual is also a bad sign, as leaks can dilute the pool’s chemical balance.

    Hire a Pool Leak Detection Company

    If you suspect that your pool or hot tub is leaking, consider hiring a professional Orlando pool leak detection company. Licensed technicians have specialized equipment, such as pressure testing tools and listening devices, and advanced techniques like electronic leak detection. In addition to pool leak detection and repairs, we also provide Orlando pool heater repairOrlando pool pump repair, and Orlando pool cleaning services.

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