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    Heater Inspection

    About Pool Heaters

    An essential part of having a pool that can be enjoyed year-round is a heater. Pool heaters are fantastic pieces of equipment in charge of accurately regulating the temperature of the water so you can swim comfortably regardless of weather conditions. While great to have, pool heaters are also very complex systems that require routine inspections and maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. Depending on your preference or property’s configuration, you can have one of three different types of heaters; electric heaters, natural gas heaters, or solar heaters.

    Electric heaters operate as heat pumps by absorbing the heat of the surrounding air, enhancing it, and transferring it into the water. Gas heaters utilize either propane or natural gas, burning fuel to heat copper coils that water travels through, warming and then pumping back into the pool. Solar heaters use solar panels installed in either your roof or your ground, harnessing the heat radiating from the sun to, in turn, heat the water. We service all types of pool heaters in the market by performing the best, most reliable installations and repairs in Central Florida.

    Pool Heater Repair Services

    Through our pool heater repair services, we are able to expertly identify any potential issues with your heater and repair or replace it promptly. During our visit, we will perform an exhaustive inspection of your heating system. We will look for error codes, power sources, outdoor temperature settings, pilot lights, leaks, and rusting or corrosion. After we complete our inspection, our team of licensed and certified technicians will proceed with the appropriate repairs. We also have decades of experience in pool heater installations and Orlando pool pump and plumbing repairs.

    At Pool USA, our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all of your swimming pool maintenance needs. For this reason, we offer a variety of comprehensive services, such as our Orlando pool cleaning and maintenance service and Orlando leak detection and repair. As Central Florida’s leading pool service and repair company, we will ensure that your pool is up and running again in no time. Call us today for more information and a free consultation. We offer honest, upfront pricing that will guarantee your satisfaction.

    Heater Repair

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